Rustoleum Neverwet
First Impressions

revised 7-10-13

I recently purchased Rustoleum's new Neverwet spray from Home Depot for about $20.00.  My primary interest in this product is using it to protect electronic circuits from water damage.

My first test went well.  I built up two identical electronic circuits for my Bike Blinker Plus (see: ) - I use this circuit on my bike helmet and, with red LEDs only, on my saddle bag.  The rear mounted circuit fails from time to time from corrosion caused from wheel spray, sometimes containing road salt.

To treat the circuit I had to apply  the two different spray coatings according to the instructions.  The process, including drying time, took about 14 hours. 

The two circuits are shown below.  The bottom circuit has been treated.  The change in appearance is clear.  There is a  whitish fog on the board and components.  This is particularly visible on the 10mm LEDs.  I scraped a bit of it off of the tops so that the light would not be occluded.

Here is another view with the treated board on the right.

The circuit worked fine under water.  In all fairness the other one did, too.  I used tap water.  Adding some salt would likely cause some issues with the untreated board!

When removed from the water the treated board was as dry as a bone.

After being immersed for a few hours a significant difference showed up.  The untreated board is on the left and is producing bubbles that are a sure sign that corrosion is taking place.  Although it is possible, at the voltage I am using (3.7 volts) it is unlikely that these are oxygen and hydrogen bubbles from electrolysis of water. There are very few bubbles over the treated board. 

I also noted that the switch contacts are shorted on the untreated board while the treated board shows no evidence of the switch being effected.

Initial Conclusion
The product appears to work as advertised.  I don't like the color of the film and feel that it might detract from the appearance of other treated items such as my outdoor garden railroad buildings. 

Testing will continue!