Setting up JMRI on Windows XP
revised d. bodnar 4-8-2016


Installing DCC++  and JMRI on Windows XP (and perhaps other older versions of Windows) can be a challenge.

A method that has worked for me is presented here.  The hardware used is an inexpensive Arduino UNO clone that was purchased on eBay.

UNO Driver Installation
The UNO clones don't automatically install a proper driver when used with Windows XP.  This driver worked for my clone

I found it in an Instructable that was written  by a fellow having the same problem - thanks!

Run the CH341SER.exe file before plugging in the UNO.  After installation plug in the Arduino and you should see a serial port number assigned to it in Device Manager (click Windows / Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager / Ports)


Installing an Older Java Version
When you install JMRI you must have at least version 1.8 of Java installed.  I have found that jre-8u77-windows-i586.exe will install and work with JMRI

Download it here: