Recycle An Old Laptop Screen
as an HDMI & VGA Monitor
revised 1-4-2021  d. bodnar


If you have an old laptop with a good display screen you may be able to convert it to an HDMI monitor.  This has worked for me on a number of old laptops.
Disassemble Laptop & Harvest Screen
First remove the screen.  The steps that are needed vary from laptop to laptop - the best source for hints for disassembly is to search YouTube or Google for  "replace screen 'your laptop name/model'"  where you insert your laptop make & model in the search
Identify the Screen Model #
On the back of each screen you should find a sticker similar to what is found here.  My screen's model # is LTN156AT05

I searched Amazon for  LTN156AT05 controller board hdmi

This is the compatible controller that I purchased:

Carefully remove the plug from the back of the screen and insert the plug from the controller board.  Supply 12 volts to the power plug and connect to an HDMI source.  Here you can see that I mounted the controller to the back of the display screen.  The connections at the bottom left are 12 volts DC and HDMI.  The top connections go to the display and ...

...the small control button board that I mounted on the front of the display.