Radio Tower & Shed
revised d. bodnar 03-12-2017




I have made radio towers with brass tubing for many years.  They typically have a beacon on top that flashes out some message in Morse Code. 
I took a stab at designing a tower that could be cut from 1/8" plywood on my 50 watt laser cutter.  It turned out well and I thought that others might like to make one, too.


There are 8 parts that make up the tower.  Three tower sides that interlock with tabs, three tower-top sections that also have tabs and a bottom and a top for the tower-top.  There are three holes in the top triangle that fit 5mm LEDs.

These two downloads should work with most laser cutters.

Corel Draw File - RadioTower-V4.cdr

PDF file of the tower - RadioTower-V4.pdf

Blink the Lights?
To add lights to the tower I wired three 5mm red LEDs in series and connected them to a PIC 12F683 that was programmed to flash out a message in Morse Code.

If you just want flashing LEDs there are any number of different circuits for the Arduino and other microcontrollers that will do the job.

There is a Morse Code example using a PICAXE on my web page here:

The electronics and a 9 volt battery can be put under a shack at the base of the tower.

Files for the shed are also available.  The rectangle at the bottom is the base.

Corel Draw - Radio-Shack-with-base.cdr

PDF - Radio-Shack-with-base.pdf