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January 23-->24, 2014

Presentation (PPT) from Clinic

Presentation (PPT) from PICAXE Workshop

(click here to download free PowerPoint viewer if you don't have PowerPoint)   - software, reference and tutorials on the PICAXE microcontroller

My PICAXE Presentations on YouTube  - PICAXE programming cable - USB - another PICAXE USB programmer - yet another PICAXE USB programmer - notes on using the above cables - best price and fastest shipping on PICAXE - breadboard socket
cheaper on eBay

Pebble software for designing on solderless breadboard - - breadboard (solder) - Harbor Freight meter modification

Very small DC volt meters -
or search eBay for    
Ultra Mini size  LED Volt Meter Step down voltage converter with meter  Harbor Freight Magnets Deal Extreme Magnets SunTekStore Magnets Deal Extreme Connectors - low current  Deal Extreme Connectors - high current Deal Extreme Servo Cables Article on connectors with links Revolution multi-pin connectors

Flashing LED - search eBay for    flashing led 5mm   or flashing led 3mm

latching reed switches - search eBay for     latching reed switch - tiny geared motor - Du-Bro collars heat shrink tubing      Servos - eBay or Tower Hobbies - small keychain remote control  MPJA Power Supply PWM Motor Speed Controller MPJA Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Cleaner Harbor Freight Mini Torch  Dots Glue Strips

Small MP3 Recorders (used in elephant animation) 
for one sound:
for up to 4 sounds: