ECLSTS 2017 Links
March 24, 2017
revised 3-25-2017

Dave Bodnar's YouTube videos -

Smoke Article:

Thunder & Lightning Article:

Soldering Iron from -

USB Soldering Iron -

Arduino Resources:

Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine
+ too many more to list!

Component Tester -

Tiny MP3 Player -

Audacity Audio Editor -

New Revolution System -

Laser Cutter from eBay & notes on setup and us - 

Box Designer for Finger Joints -   or

Mini Video Camera - and others

Award Winning 3D printer -

LED Lights -


Presentation (PPT)    (click here to download free PowerPoint viewer if you don't have PowerPoint)

Presentation on YouTube:

DCC++ - my notes

    NEW! DCC++ Controller & JMRI - Initial Setup

    NEW! DCC++ Open Source DCC Project

    NEW! DCC++ Talking Infrared Throttle & Point-to-Point Controller

    NEW! High Power DCC Booster

    NEW! Current Sensors and DCC (for blocks & point-to-point railroads)

DCC++ on  - breadboard & power supply & jumpers

Make Magazine

Nuts & Volts Magazine

Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine

Instructables - Dave Bodnar's Listings

Some Interesting Items from Other Seminars

Very small DC volt meters -
or search eBay for    
Ultra Mini size  LED Volt Meter Step down voltage converter with meter

h - tiny geared motor - assorted tiny geared motors heat shrink tubing      Servos - eBay or Tower Hobbies - small keychain remote control MPJA Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Cleaner  Arduino software download

Arduino Uno on eBay - and on Amazon - MP3 sound without a microcontroller