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 In an effort to introduce the capabilities and wonder of microcontrollers to the model railroad community I have made a number of presentations at the East Coast Large Scale Train Show (ECLSTS), South East Large Scale Train Show (SELSTS), the National Garden Railway Convention and NMRA meetings. 

Links to the slides that were presented are below. 
Note that these presentations are best viewed with Internet Explorer.

Links for 2013 and more recent dates are in PowerPoint format and may require you to download a free PowerPoint viewer from here.
2019 ECLSTS notes (ppt format)
2018 ECLSTS notes (ppt format)
2017 NMRA Jamboree
Notes & Links Video
2017 ECLSTS notes (ppt format)
Notes & Links   Video
2016 ECLSTS notes (ppt format)
Notes & Links   Video
2015 ECLSTS notes (ppt format)
Notes & Links   Video
2014 NMRA Convention -
Notes & links

PowerPoint slides
in ppt format
2014 ECLSTS notes 3D Printer
(ppt format)
2014 MRRU Workshop
2013 NGRC links
2013 NMRA notes & links
2013 ECLSTS notes (ppt format)
2011 NMRA notes
2011 ECLSTS notes
YouTube of above - 8 parts
2010 NGRC  notes Part I
2010 NGRC Audio Part I
2010 NGRC  notes Part II
2010 NGRC Audio Part II
2010 NMRA notes
Spring 2010 Revolution Switch Controller & Installation notes
YouTube video of above - 7 parts
2010 ECLSTS notes - part I
2010 ECLSTS notes - part II
Fall ECLSTS 2009 Train Engineer Revolution Advanced Operation notes
Spring 2009 Train Engineer Revolution notes
YouTube video of above - 8 parts
2009 ECLSTS notes - part I
YouTube video of above - 10 parts
2009 ECLSTS notes - part II
2008 NGRC  notes
2008 ECLSTS notes
2007 ECLSTS notes
2007 NMRA notes
2007 SELSTS notes
2006 NGRC  notes
2005 NGRC  notes
2005 ECLSTS notes