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by Dave Bodnar

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Note:  Click here for Arduino based articles & projects including DCC++
NEW!  A Rotating Conductor for Mr. Baldwin's Trolley
Build an Inexpensive Model Train Power Controller
Adapting an O-Scale Layout for Push-Button Operation
NEW!  160 LEDs Chasing After Each Other
Supplying DC Power to a Rotating Object
NEW!  Smoke Animation using an E-Cigarette's Heating Element
Servo Animation with Multiple Sounds
NEW!  Another Inexpensive Radio Control Experiment
Updated Lighthouse with 24 LED Module

NEW!  7 Foot Long Aluminum Bridge
NEW!  3D Printed Bridge
NEW!  3D Printed / Flash Camera Gizmo for Children's Hospital
NEW!  Inexpensive 8 Amp Radio Control
NEW!  Quick review of Neverwet from Rustoleum
Connectors for Garden Railway Applications
Bug Eyed Eggliner Animation
NEW!  LED Lights for Coaches

NEW!  Laser Train Detection
NEW!  PICAXE Speed Controller with MP3 Sound Option
 PICAXE Model Railroad Speed Controller

NEW!  PICAXE Model Railroad Recorder
NEW!  PICAXE Model Railroad Controller - high amperage modification

PICAXE USB Programming Cable Modification
PICAXE on a Mac with AXE Pad (really!)
PICAXE or PIC?  Which to Use?
Aristo Craft's Revolution Radio Control System
PCC Trolley Notes
Mr. Rogers Trolley


Reverse Loops & Wyes
Layout Animation
Robot Trains in the Garden - A PICAXE controlled Train

Robot Train Cruise Control

Automatic Block Switch Controller
Your Trains can Accelerate and Decelerate Smoothly

Give Your Engines the Capacity to Ignore Dirty Track

Thermistors, the Magic Behind Smooth Acceleration

LED Related Articles:

Multi-Function Crossing Controller (NEW!)

A Lighting System for Mr. Rogers Trolley (drilling LEDs)

Ditch Lights Article

Mars Light Article

Lighthouse Beacon

Morse Code Flasher

LED Lighting with Larger Solar Panels

LED Signal Lights for LGB Switch Motors


Automatic DCC Controller Project

Timers & Auto-Reversing

BARC - Excellent Auto-Reverse Unit
LED Display Timer
Timers for Model Railroad Applications
Part I

Timers for Model Railroad Applications
Part II

Christmas Display Control / Timer
Dual Timer - Dual Relay


A Four Sound USB Sound Card & the PCC Trolley (NEW!)

A Very Capable, Inexpensive MP3 Sound System

MP3 Sound System - Flexible high, quality sound

Synthesized Train Sound Boards

Give Your Railroad a Voice Part II

Electronics (Miscellaneous)

DC to DC Step Down Converters
Using Voltage Regulators to Supply 5 volts
Adding a "Crowbar" to Your Power Supply
Harbor Freight Volt Meter Modification
Using a Multimeter to Troubleshoot and Test Trains

Buildings & Miscellaneous

Foam for Buildings
Color Signs with a Monochrome Laser Printer!
Train Toter
A New Incline in Pittsburgh
NEW!  Working Model of Pittsburgh's Duquesne Incline Made With Laser Cutter
NEW!  Incline Power Controller (Arduino)

An Unexamined Railroad Is Not Worth Running - Using an inexpensive pedometer to count "events" on your railroad
A Most Unusual Layout!

Lazy Susan Train