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Miscellaneous Projects
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Note:  The following links are to projects that may not be complete but could be of interest to visitors.  Please contact for more information.

NEW! Simple Alexa Controlled Relay

NEW!  WiFi Connected Clock with Westminster Chimes

NEW!  Using an ESP8266 to Control 4 LEDs via Web Page

NEW!  Using 8x32 LED Matrix Displays on-board trains

NEW!  ESP8266 OLED Clock

NEW!  Supplying Power to Rotating Objects - Wirelessly!

NEW!  An easy-to-use Oscilloscope - the nScope

NEW!  Arduino BARC (Brilliant Auto Reverse Controller)!!!

NEW!  Laser Cut Radio Tower & Shed

NEW!  Thunder & Lightning Animation - Synchronized Using an Arduino & MP3 player (draft)

NEW!  Using Amazon's Alexa & an ESP8266 to turn on an LED (draft)

NEW!  Using Amazon's Alexa & an ESP8266-12 to turn on multiple LEDs (draft)

NEW! An On-board or Track-side Receiver that is controlled by the DCC++ Throttle

NEW! Some Experiments with the Nextion LCD Touch Screen Display

NEW! A Simple Servo Controller

NEW! HC-12 Serial Radio

NEW! A Wired or Wireless Throttle for DCC++

NEW! DCC++ Controller & JMRI - Initial Setup

NEW! DCC++ Open Source DCC Project

NEW! DCC++ Talking Infrared Throttle & Point-to-Point Controller

NEW! High Power DCC Booster

NEW! Current Sensors and DCC (for blocks & point-to-point railroads)

NEW!  Using the DFPlayer with the TTP229 Capacitive Touch Switch

NEW!  My Experiences with a low cost Laser Cutter / Engraver from eBay

NEW!  What is inside of the LifeBox Battery Gizmo?

NEW!  AD9851 DDS Frequency Unit (Arduino) draft

NEW!  Tests with inexpensive TX / RX pairs

NEW!  WiFi Serial Connection via ThingSpeak

NEW!  Wheel Direction of Rotation Detection (Arduino)

NEW!  GPS Remote Data Collection with Arduino

NEW!  Arduino GPS Project Notes (under construction)

NEW!  RF Transceiver Pair (RFM69HW) (under construction)

NEW!  MP3 Sound Module

NEW!  MP3 Sound Module - simple Arduino circuit

NEW!  MP3 Sound Module - without a microcontroller

NEW!  Talking Temperature Gizmo

NEW!  Talking Defect Detector

NEW!  High Power DCC Booster

NEW!  DCC Decoder operating an 8 Relay Module

NEW!  DCC Decoder with 3 Servos & 1 Relay

NEW!  DCC Controller Using an Arduino Uno

NEW!  DCC Code Receiver Using an Arduino Mini

       3 Amp DCC Booster

NEW!  Arduino Notes & Projects

NEW!  XBee - high speed wireless transceiver

NEW!  Raspberry Pi - single board Linux computer

NEW!  Raspberry Pi - Temperature Logger / Grapher Notes

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  Raspberry Pi - Weather Station Data Collection

AC Track Powered Point-to-Point Controller

Bike Blinker +Plus+

Bluetooth to Serial Adapter Notes (draft)

Bridge Flasher

Crossing Signal Sensor Control

Drag Strip Controller

HO Module & Switch Back Controller

Infrared Train Detector - updated (draft)

Infrared Train Identification (draft)

Mini DCC Project

Mr. Rogers Trolley for Children's Hospital

MRC DCC Decoder (AD322) Info

MRC 6200 Repair

Power Supply "Crowbar" Circuit

Radio Control PPM with a PICAXE (a work in progress)

Station Stop Controller for Children's Hospital Layout

Stepper Motor Control

Precise Camera Panning With Stepper Motors (Panoramic Photos)

Train Activity Logger

Volt Ohm Meter Wiring